Retirement of Sergie

Karakoran: Shit, now I have to work. Well, anyway, bye Sergie. I’ll knock you down to author so you can post if you decide to come back and ya.  Bye.

As for the other users on the site, we must make-up for the skill we are losing with Sergie. Everyone on the site must post more, approve comments, and add people ot the ranks more often. If we don’t the army will slow down and will lead to the same problem we had last time.


Just like I promised, this time has come. Even though this is probably my 25th resignation post, you are probably going to just ignore it. Next time I ask if I could rejoin you can ban me forever, that’s how sure I am that I ain’t coming back. The Rebel Penguin Federation has helped me in many ways. I have been in this army ever since my penguin was born, and when it is going to die. I have known many people, I have fought with many. I have seen people die, (resign). I love all my friends, and enemies.. I wish everyone good luck on their RPF career. RPF I have given you a head start, you are rising very quickly.. the faith of RPF lies in Josh’s hands. I am just another legend hitting the dust.. I don’t know how to describe to everyone how badly I am going to miss them.. Yes this sadly means that I won’t be going on chat at all anymore. In other words, I won’t be on chat forever. Anyone with a PS3 send me an invite, my username is i-Vendett. We probably can keep in touch. I am officially retiring from every CP Armies activity. I am officially retiring from xat. I am officially a legend now. I was never a legend before, because I realized that I finally did something good in RPF.

These are some of the people I fought back to back in wars, sorry that it’s so long.. I just never forget my friends..

  • Commando717
  • Taytay006/Kyle Cease
  • Ziehen
  • Kg007
  • Papa Zou
  • Bobliosenior
  • Blak_Mafias
  • Spaceybirdy
  • Wii Mountain
  • Jedimaster17
  • Oagalthorp
  • Shaboomboom
  • Boomer20
  • Abercrombie29
  • Fort57
  • Bbbbrrrr
  • Omega39
  • Lucario564
  • Tucker_Jinx
  • Rapidy
  • Klimster
  • Panthers_Bas
  • Dragonninja0
  • Saint
  • Mitch
  • Explosion
  • Kid Robot
  • Jaja1995
  • Pink_Mafias
  • CompWiz5000
  • Itachi
  • Imperial47
  • Kman
  • Reaperdrone
  • Naruto
  • Frere/Demonfrere
  • Oagals Mom
  • Person1224
  • Shadow2446
  • Commando993
  • Blueswill
  • Magic777
  • Axevolution
  • Jcapp64
  • Djgtjvgyhxgy
  • Oberst543
  • Bleu_Missy
  • Silly
  • Alpha
  • Islandershky
  • King Ziehen
  • Furbur27
  • Lpg123
  • Nielsenkc
  • Mocar1
  • Yoshi_Nelly
  • Elmikey
  • Kona
  • Werty_Gerty
  • Mario
  • Zipod
  • Zarley
  • Tommer561
  • Hamthy
  • Spongebob007
  • Clear Ice
  • K310
  • Iceyfeet
  • Justinbronze
  • Flameboy
  • Noil
  • Ard906789
  • Taylor
  • Rocket_Ems
  • Texanforlife
  • John_Borne
  • Pengui202
  • Worky
  • Yo4848
  • Mario65889
  • Shadow Soldier
  • Terrking24
  • Orgulan
  • Shad Jr
  • Snake
  • Yamiyuends
  • Gamemastor96
  • Lordcody56
  • Sarge983
  • Clip
  • Tidle Fin
  • Drivebyn123
  • The_Jungle_N
  • Coconutmad
  • Mr Snowball3
  • Bellehdewmah
  • Fever
  • Mouse
  • Therinator1
  • Ormsbydroid
  • Soccerpr30611
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Balloon
  • Hattrick
  • Radarobot
  • Salvador77
  • Hero12985
  • Airhead37
  • Yu Tao
  • Sp Y2
  • Gangsta551
  • Monkey152344
  • Emeralds
  • Waddlings
  • Urbanboy123
  • Tostipotato
  • Dialga80
  • Glitter12
  • Sriv007
  • Capuzzi
  • Pop
  • Seanehawk
  • Dr Nono Jr
  • Arosso
  • Cycle22
  • Headofpolice
  • Tom Yellow
  • Nakib
  • Cooltiger413
  • Chrisdude100
  • Speedmobile
  • Coleslaw7175
  • Noka7
  • Sheila Gally
  • Znozeberry
  • MrRandom1
  • Wgfv
  • Jazz 77
  • Sgt Crazynes
  • Batista
  • Crazyboy86
  • Emperer Josh

Fight The Good Fight,Crazy: Goodbye, my friend. See you… Well, never, I guess.. D=

– Sergie717

13 responses to “Retirement of Sergie

  1. Well, u were a great leader, and im pretty dissapointed :/
    good luck with whatever you are doing now.

  2. good bye sergie i will miss u even thought i never even seen u much. ill add u my name is cecollins for ps3.

  3. ¢яazувσу

    You were a great friend. Im sad to see you go. Goodbye, Sergie.

  4. Sgt Crazynes

    good bye forever D:

  5. Damnit, now I have to do more work. O.<

  6. nouuuuuu i lost a friend

  7. Øbëŗšŧ543 Lóvêş Ćħéèšē

    Bye mate, cya on PS3 when you get MW2 you poor bum 😀

  8. K bye sergie, see you in five months xD

  9. bye sergie i will miss you boss you were a great boss towards me even though you shouted alot

    -Collin Reeves(Maxwell500)

  10. Goodbye Sergie, it was a pleasure knowing you.

  11. Oberst 360 ownz 😛

  12. Oberst what is your PSN id you level 2 noob
    p.s. ima level 41 😀

  13. See ya, buddy. I’ll probably leave this world with you too, although I’ve already covered half of the way.

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