Insert Clever Title Here

Yeah, RPF is doing actually really good. Sergie & Josh decided to unite as brothers and take control over the RPF and it’s survivors. The RPF needs recruits, so go ahead and join at the “Join” page right now.. seriously.. The RPF has been a major army, look at us now, just another small army getting stepped on by other armies such as the allmighty ACP. Even though I believe that Commando717 was our source of activeness due to his humor and awesome leadership. *Sigh*, yes we all miss the old days when you would get insulted by Commando717 and then have a big laugh. We can all do that though, we just need “everyone” to help us rebuild. Everyone is allowed to join, except Oagalthorp. I got basketball practice so I won’t be online on chats from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.. that’s PST. I would also like people to start working harder, and recruit as much as you can. I know recruiting is a boring thing.. seriously.. We all hate CP, but I don’t want RPF to go out like that. We just all need to unite.. Cooperation is our key right now. I am scheduling a Recruitment Session, hopefully more than 3 people can show up; –.-

Invasion of Summit

When – November 18, 2009

Time – 3:00 pm PST, 4:00 pm MST, 5:00 pm CST, 6:00 pm EST, 11:00 pm U.K.

Server – Summit

Reason –

Fight The Good Fight,


10 responses to “Insert Clever Title Here

  1. i can make it


  2. i can go… Max? your in this army? I thought you were in sk!!!!

    “Peace is Power”~Indyboy99~

  3. ṨḜṜḠḬḜ717

    sure ill make it lol

  4. shoot…
    im teally busy on wednesdays
    im really sorry, and i still am quite active.

  5. indy ive left my life of crime

  6. pssssssssst sergie can i be general or something

  7. ….. thats retarded,why INVADE IT when they LET IT GO?

  8. Even though im still gone i will comment only on RPF site.

    Blitz where invading becuse invading is awesome. Also i like the site it looks better.

  9. иïĢŧ๓คя€

    we are invading tuxedo once again. THE REBELLION STOPS HERE! good luck because the UMA is doing this for PINK!


  10. I wont make it because 4 is when I do my homework. =(

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