RPF Dead? Not on my Watch


Why wont it die? Because I wont let it. Why wont I jump on the couch? Because I don’t want to. Well, now that I think about it I do want to jump on the couch. But that’s not the point.

A song called the Great Escape sums up what I’m trying to say.



Paper Bags and Plastic Hearts: Our men were paper bags, with hearts of plastic. They have no detication to recruit, so they are toppled by a mear gust of wind.

Our Belongins in Shoping Carts: We have so little servers because our men are made of paper that we can carry our land in a shopping cart.

It’s Goodbye, but we got one more night: We have such little that we THINK we’re doomed. We THINK that it’s the end of the line and that one more step and we fall violently down a cliff.

Let’s Get Drunk and Ride Around. And make peace with an empty Town: We THINK we have nothing to lose, so we toil around enjoying what we think is our last few days, then we go into our empty servers because we recruit so little because of our paper soldiers.


We can make it right: We can. We CAN be huge again.

Throw it away: Take a shit on the Constition and let to decompose in Sulfuric Acid, it’s just holding us back.

Forget Yesterday: Forget the past, it can only hurt you now.

We’ll Make the Great Escape: We will make the Great Comback. Wheather you like it or now.

We wont hear a word…THEY SAY!: Everyone thinks we’re dead. But we are long from that. Prove them wrong, recruit, grow, kill.

They Don’t Know us Anyway: They don’t know our politics, our history, our will. We CAN grow strong. But you must recruit.

Watch it Burn, Let it Die. ‘Cause we’re all finally free tonight: Burn the Constitution and dance on the ashes. It only limits the possibilities.



We wont give up the fight: We’ll fight until the bitter end. No plauge, army, or nuclear holocaust can stop us. Because when our will is put together, not even God can sperate it.


And then it pretty much repeats after that. Nothing much left. I mean, the refraim is cool and all but, it’s not worth rewriting 5 times. I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

We CAN be huge. We CAN topple any empire. We CAN win. What’s stoping us? Our lack of will. We must put our will together and recruit. And grow strong, and then, and only then, can we strike. And when we strike then, it will be worse than a mountain falling upon them. It will be worse then Chuck Norris punching their face. It will be the RPF War Machine. If we equipt this machine with recruits, it can be devistative. Now, how do we get the recruits? You recruit. Duh. Now, will you recruit and prosper, or will you watch your army fall?



P.S. If you want the actual song it’s:



(Mario version. Hope you don’t mind.)

One response to “RPF Dead? Not on my Watch

  1. Cewån|๏ṨTḀRRK

    1st and last.
    n00b years ftw.

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